If you would like to apply for a place within our school, please see below for further information on how to apply.

Applications for Reception

Admissions for Reception are based on the Pele Trust admissions policy. Applications are made on the Northumberland County Council Website. If you live outside of our catchment area then you would apply through your local authority and name Ponteland Primary School as your first choice.

How are places allocated?

We operate an equal preference allocation scheme.  This means that all applications are considered together.  Applications are ranked in accordance with the admissions criteria in the Pele Trust policy.  Once the applications are prioritised and compared to the number of places available it is possible to determine who will be offered a place.

How will I know if I have a place for my child?

The portal opens in November, it then closes in January.  NCC allocate the places and National Offers Day is in April. Parents have until May to accept the place. All exact dates are on the NCC website.

In Year Transfers

If you wish to apply for Ponteland Primary School with an in year transfer please contact the school admissions team at Northumberland County Council.

Applications for Secondary School

All Ponteland Primary School pupils must apply for a secondary school place via their home local authority, in the case of Northumberland residents they would apply through Northumberland County Council.

Nursery Admissions

The school is responsible for admissions to our nursery. This policy will be used to determine admissions to the Ponteland Primary School nursery classes.

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Reception Admissions

Admissions for Reception are completed on the Northumberland County Council Website.

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