Curriculum Intent

Mathematics as a discipline helps us to understand the world around us. We want all pupils at Ponteland Primary School to experience the beauty, power and enjoyment of mathematics and develop a sense of curiosity about the subject with a clear understanding. Our wider curriculum promotes critical thinking and risk taking, both of which are skills that underpin mathematics. Ultimately, we want all our children to believe that they CAN achieve in mathematics, and by demonstrating that making mistakes and correcting misconceptions makes us more secure learners, we foster a positive attitude towards the subject.


Our mastery approach to teaching and learning mathematics is consistent across school. Our maths curriculum has been designed with care to ensure children build upon core skills and knowledge in a logical order, through fluency, reasoning and problem solving tasks, discussions and investigations.

Children experience maths through both concrete and physical activities (using mathematical tools, familiar objects, and the natural environment) and through pictorial and abstract representations of number. We have a strong emphasis on securing basic number facts, which are targeted through visual approaches such as the Number Sense Maths program and engaging interactive activities such as Times Table Rockstars. Through engaging the senses, trying different approaches and experiencing a variety of renditions of principles, we support children to build a complete picture of a mathematical world that they can work with flexibly and efficiently.


Nursery maths planning is drawn from Development Matters and Birth to 5 Matters, along with expectations appropriate to our setting. A direct session is taught daily, whole class and in small groups. Mathematical discovery opportunities are always available through continuous provision.


Reception follow White Rose Maths planning during daily maths meetings. Number Sense animations are also used to supplement teaching.  Continuous provision and direct activities are used for retrieval practice in the following week. Mathematical experiences form part of daily routines such as self registration; fruit and snack time and tidying up.

Years 1 to 6

Maths in Years 1 - 6 is taught using the White Rose Maths framework. Termly structures are followed where appropriate, and a small-step, mastery approach is adopted in all year groups. Number Sense Maths is used in Year 1 and from 2022-3 is being embedded in KS1 and Lower KS2. Lessons are supplemented with resources from a variety of sources, which are regularly shared and quality assessed in key stage teams.

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