Pupils feel happy and safe in school. Pupils move around school in a calm and orderly manner. Behaviour in classrooms is good because pupils are eager to learn.
Pupils love to read. The curriculum is based on core texts and leaders have carefully chosen books for pupils to enjoy in each year group. Pupils are enthusiastic about reading and can talk about themes such as disability and gender in the books they have read.
Leaders go 'above and beyond' to provide a high quality pastoral support. Families experiencing difficulties appreciate the help that the school provides
Ponteland Primary remains a school where inclusion is given the highest priority and where all within embrace the values they promote. This beautifully presented, warm and exciting school...provides a high standard of inclusive education in a values led environment where children are nurtured to be the best they can be. The school has maintained and strengthened its aims to build a community which values respect, kindness, good humour, and empathy.
[The curriculum] isn’t easy but it makes us think and gets us ready for high school.
There is no support I could ask for that I wouldn’t get from this school.
It’s [all] about respect, teachers trust us and help us to think about ways to do and say things better. They give us ways to show the [school] value and tell us when we’re doing the right thing.
Everybody is important [here]. It’s a great place to be.
Ponteland Primary provides a stunning environment which immerses the learner in culture, the arts, imagination, creativity, and nature both indoors and out. The deployment of specialists within art, music and sport further provides the inspirational and accessible learning experiences, nurturing talent and providing wide variety and challenge for all.
At every juncture staff find a way to look after my child whilst considering the needs of every other child. [The staff] offer unparalleled love, help and support and give my child what she deserves so that she is defined by what she can do, not by what she can’t.