Year One – Art Week 2014

The week started with a bang in Year 1 by listening to the super story teller Chris Bostock in assembly. After listening to him, the children were so enthusiastic about stories that they threw themselves into all the activities based around our story of the week ‘The Gruffalo’.
The children created their own Gruffalo story plan and learned a brilliant song all about the Gruffalo. The creatures they created in ICT had lots of interesting features like the Gruffalo and made us all laugh. Julia Donaldson would be proud of the character and book ideas the children created for her to use in her next book.!
The children also took part in poetry workshops. The ryming pairs they created included places the mouse could meet the Gruffalo along with animals he could eat. The children adventured into the woods and went on a Gruffalo Treasure Hunt, using iPads the children videoed performing a piece of poetry as a whole class. Creating Easter treats for the Gruffalo and a menu for him to eat created even more excitement. Finally they finished their week off by building a Gruffalo.