School meals

At Ponteland Primary School we are committed to healthy eating. We go a long way to ensure that children eat well and understand the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. All of our menus are specially developed to ensure balanced and healthy choices and meet or exceed Government food and nutrition standards.



The cost of a school meal is £2.50 per child, per day or £12.50 per child, per week. 

All children in Reception and in Years 1 and 2 receive universal free school meals.

 Meals are made to order and it is therefore essential that they are ordered in advance.  We use School Grid to pre-order our meals. Parents are encouraged to choose meals online in advance with their child.

We ask parents to carefully consider the contents of packed lunches. It can be a challenge to keep packed lunches varied, interesting and healthy but there are a number of websites including (search within site for packed lunches) which offer some brilliant packed lunch ideas. Please send your child’s packed lunch in one small, named box.   

As we currently have children in school with a severe nut allergy, nuts/peanut butter or Nutella must NOT be included in packed lunches.



Children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 are given a free piece of fruit to eat during a morning break.   Children in Key Stage 2 may bring their own fruit or healthy snack to school in a small named container to be eaten at morning break.



This is available for purchase and is drunk at morning break.  It is supplied by Coolmilk. Register your child for school milk at The price is  £14 per term.  Children are entitled to free milk until the term in which they are 5.



In line with our Healthy School Policy and government guidelines, we encourage children to drink plenty of water throughout the day.  To aid this, we ask all children to bring a named water bottle which they can access independently.  These bottles must only contain water.   In addition, a filtered water dispenser is available in the dining street, in key stage 1 and upstairs in key stage 2.