Parent Support

All staff warmly welcome opportunities to meet with parents and carers to share celebrations, discuss strategies to support emotional well being and to enable children to make the best progress possible and develop a life long love of learning.

Our office staff are always available for that first welcome and immediate support. Cheryl Smith, Administrator and Julie Forster-White, School Business Manager, are always happy to help and ensure parents, carers and children have a friendly, informative welcome on entering the school.

Mrs Blain, our Head Teacher is always happy to arrange a time to meet with families.

Mrs Wright is our Parent Support Advisor and is here to help you with any concerns you may have about your child. This can be about home or school or anything that can impact on family life. We need good home-school communication to work in partnership with you. For my part, I can offer a listening ear, supporting the move to middle school, welcome you as a new parent and help with routine and information about other agencies. I can also offer support with behaviour, attendance, illness in the family, housing and relationship breakdown. Parenting can be difficult at times however I am here to help you through whatever challenges you may have. I am available during school hours and I am happy to arrange a home visit.

Mrs Shell, our SENCO Support is always happy to offer support and advice regarding special educational needs.

All information on the school website is available on request to parents via the school office.